BZA Filing 19823:

BZA Cover Letter (BZA No. 19823) 12.10.18

ATTACH A – Perspective Renderings 12.10.18

ATTACH B — Landscape Buffer Details

ATTACH C – Lanscape Buffer and Through Drive 12.10.18

ATTACH D – Matter of Right Option

ATTACH E – Shadow Studies

ATTACH F – AutoTURN Diagram

ANC3E Testimony:


Final ANC3E Resolution and MOU November 2018:


MOU – Signed 11.12.18

Draft ANC3E Resolution and MOU November 2018:



Prehearing Statement and Exhibits October 24, 2018 BZA 19823:

Ltr to BZA Transmitting PreHg Stmt 10.24.18

WABC-Sunrise Pre-Hearing Statement

Exhibit A – Zoning Map

Exhibit B – Sunrise Activities

Exhibit C – Noise Study

Exhibit D – Resumes of Witnesses

EXH E – Arch Dwgs Pt 1

EXH E — Arch Dwgs Pt 2

Updated Comprehensive Transportation Review October 2018:

Wisconsin Ave Assisted Living CTR Revised (10.08.18)

Request to Postpone Hearing for 19823 WABC/Sunrise September 2018:

Ltr 2 to BZA Req Postponement of Hg Date to Nov 14

19823_BZA Postponement Memo

Sound Study:


BZA Filing:

Cvr Ltr to BZA with Application

BZA Form 135

Statement of Existing and Intended Use

Compliance w Burden of Proof

Zoning Map – Wisc Ave Baptist Church

WABC-Sunrise Dwgs Pt 1

WABC-Sunrise Dwgs Pt 2

WABC-Sunrise Dwgs Pt 3


Neighbor 200ft Radius Map and List

Outline of WItness Testimony

Resume – SRuiz

Resume – RSchiesel

Resume – CFan

Sunrise Auth Ltr

WABC Auth Ltr

WABC Sunrise Traffic Report 081618

Neighbors in Opposition to Sunrise/Wisconsin Ave Baptist Church Development:

Initial Plans:

Wisconsin Ave Baptist Church Sunrise Senior Living Presentation to ANC3E 101217

Sunrise Senior Living Project Website