GRANT APPLICATION Grants are available only to non-profit organizations; individuals may not apply. Applicant organizations must provide services to residents of ANC 3E. Within 60 days of the issuance of any grant, the grantee must provide to the Commission a statement as to the use of the funds consistent with the grant application, complete with receipts that support the expenditures. Grants may be submitted by e-mail to or mailed to ANC 3E c/o: The Lisner-Louise-Dickson- Hurt Home at the address above.

Please complete all items. Incomplete applications will be returned and not considered. Attach additional pages if needed.

1. Applicant Organization
Name:_Tenleytown Main Street (TMS)_____________________________________________________ Address: 4545 42nd St., NW Suite 214 Washington, DC 20016___________________________
Contact Person: Leigh Catherine Miles, Executive Director_______ Telephone: 202-362-1815__________ e-mail: lcmiles@tenleytownmainstreet.org_________________________
2. Project Information
Name of Project:

Tenley WinterFest 2017

Description of Project:


Founded in 2015, Tenleytown Main Street is a community-based non-profit organization that seeks to revitalize the Tenleytown business corridor by leveraging its history to attract new businesses, create a stronger retail presence and make Tenleytown a more desirable place to work and play. Consistent with that mission, TMS works to promote and advocate on behalf of local businesses, raise awareness of business opportunities, and increase customer traffic through public relations, marketing and special events.


The annual Tenley WinterFest is a week-long neighborhood festival that seeks to celebrate Tenleytown, foster local business, and build community. In 2017, the event will run from November 24 through December 2.

Tenley WinterFest will include the popular Yeti-scavenger hunt at local businesses, dining specials at local restaurants, a historic walking tour, a family-friendly movie night, live music, lights along Wisconsin Avenue, and winter-themed events at the Tenley-Friendship Library. Janney Elementary School will also continue to host the annual winter market, which last year attracted more than 95 vendors.

What began as a small craft market has grown into a neighborhood-wide event that in the last five years has increasingly attracted residents and visitors from across the District. In 2016, more than 3,000

people took part in WinterFest events. To continue to promote broad participation in WinterFest, as well as draw new patrons and customers for local businesses, Tenleytown Main Street is seeking funding to support advertising and promotion efforts for the festival.


Tenleytown Main Street is dedicated to promoting, improving, and strengthening the Tenleytown business district. Tenley WinterFest is an opportunity both to celebrate the neighborhood and to promote the local businesses and amenities Tenleytown offers. Promotion of the event will help attract participation by residents within and outside Tenleytown, and bring new and returning customers to local merchants and restaurants. Further, the festival creates a sense of pride in the neighborhood, builds community, and provides family-friendly activities for residents to enjoy.

Location of Project:
Wisconsin Avenue, between Van Ness and Fessenden streets.

Total WinterFest Project Cost: $5,590 Grant Request: $1,630 TMS is requesting $1,630 from ANC 3E to:

  •   print WinterFest posters that will hang in local merchants’ and restaurants’ windows to advertise the event, as well as locations for the scavenger hunt and restaurant specials to encourage people to patronize local businesses. For the sixth year, the poster will be designed by a Wilson High School student as part of an annual design competition.
  •   print event postcards and door hangers that will provide information on the WinterFest schedule and will be distributed throughout the surrounding neighborhood and through local businesses, schools, and community groups;
  •   run ads on Facebook promoting WinterFest events and participating businesses; and
  •   run ads in The Northwest Current, which reaches 25,000+ readers.Where will additional funds needed to complete the project come from?

    Tenleytown Main Street is an officially designated DC Main Streets program and is funded in part by the DC Department of Small and Local Business Development. Funding for administrative and project management expenses are provided for under the DSLBD grant. Funding from ANC 3E would complement, but not duplicate, assistance from the DC government. Additional funding for WinterFest would be raised through private and business donations.

    Other promotional efforts for WinterFest, which will be funded through other contributions, will include a Tenley WinterFest website and hanging Tenley WinterFest light pole banners.

Budget for the proposed ANC 3E grant:



Unit Price


Event posters




Event postcards




Door hangers




Facebook promoted ads/posts

5 days



Ads in The Northwest Current




TOTAL proposed budget


The expenses must be incurred within 60 days of receipt of funds or a signed contract must be submitted to the Commission. Once the contracted services are complete, which should be done within 6 months from receipt of funds, the grantee must forward a copy of a paid receipt to the Commission. The funds may not be used for routine expenses. As a duly authorized representative of the Applicant, I submit this grant request.

Date: October 2, 2017
Signature: _________________________________________________________________ Print Name: Leigh Catherine Miles______________________________________________

TMS Grant Application – WinterFest 2017