Grant Application to Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 3E

1. Applicant Organization

Name: Tenleytown Main Street (TMS)

Address: 4748 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20016

Contact Person: Leigh Catherine Miles, Executive Director

Telephone: 202-362-1815


2. Project Information

Name of Project: Tenleytown Main Street – Meals for Seniors

Description of Project: Working in partnership with the Northwest Neighbors Village (NNV), Seabury at Friendship Terrace, and Tenleytown restaurants, Tenleytown Main Street (TMS) proposes to provide freshly prepared lunches to seniors residing in our community up to twice a week for five weeks. Meals would be offered both to those with limited financial means, as well as those who have experienced social isolation due to the pandemic. COVID-19, which presents added health risks for older adults, combined with an unseasonably cold winter this year has created barriers to social interaction, especially when outdoor gatherings remain preferable to indoor ones. According to the CDC, “Loneliness and social isolation in older adults are serious public health risks affecting a significant number of people in the United States and putting them at risk for dementia and other serious medical conditions.” Delivery of meals would not only fill a need for physical sustenance, but also foster connection between volunteers delivering meals and those receiving them, creating a social touchpoint.

Prepared meals, procured from local, independently owned Tenleytown restaurants, would be provided once a week to up to 15 NNV members living within the boundaries of ANC3E and twice a week to up to 40 Friendship Terrace residents in Tenleytown. The five-week period covered by the grant would bridge the gap between late winter and early spring, which is anticipated not only to bring warmer weather but also further reductions in COVID case rates. Meals would be delivered on Mondays and Fridays, providing a bridge to the weekend when services tend to be more limited, as well as supporting restaurants on days when the volume of business is lower. The meals would be fully cooked and suitable for reheating.


Tenleytown Main Street

Founded in 2015, Tenleytown Main Street (TMS) is a nationally accredited, community-based nonprofit organization that works with residents and local businesses to strengthen the economic vitality of Tenleytown. We seek to achieve a business district that is a thriving, walkable, and friendly neighborhood center that retains its small town feel with up-to-date urban amenities that serve all ages and stages in our community. Our portfolio of programs meets the unique needs of our business district, including marketing and special events, public and urban green space maintenance, small business consulting, and financial support for storefront and business operation improvements.

Friendship Terrace

Friendship Terrace was developed by Episcopal Church Home, Friendship Inc., as one of the Services of Seabury Resources for Aging. Friendship Terrace is owned and operated by Seabury Resources for Aging, a nonprofit organization founded in 1924 with the mission to provide personalized, affordable services and housing options to help seniors in the greater Washington, DC area live with independence and dignity. Friendship Terrace provides affordable, independent living in studio and one-bedroom apartments for seniors aged 62 years or older.

Northwest Neighbors Village

Founded in 2009, Northwest Neighbors Village (NNV) is a charitable non-profit membership organization established to help older adults age in their community. NNV is one of over a dozen senior Villages in Washington, DC, and part of the growing national Village movement. NNV offers older adults neighbor-to-neighbor support through local volunteers and creates opportunities for engagement that enable them to live with purpose and self-determination.


The proposed grant from the ANC would meet two needs: 1) providing 95 prepared lunch meals each week to seniors living in our community, and 2) supporting up to two independent, minority-owned Tenleytown restaurants financially impacted by the pandemic that have not benefited from other financial assistance programs.

Location of Project: Project beneficiaries are located within the boundaries of ANC 3E, with the majority residing or working within Tenleytown.

Total Project Cost: $7,475

Grant Request: $7,475

Where will additional funds needed to complete the project come from?

Tenleytown Main Street is an officially designated DC Main Streets program and is funded in part by the DC Department of Small and Local Business Development, as well as through privately raised funds. Any supplementary administrative, operational, and/or programmatic expenses incurred that are directly related to this project and not covered by funds granted by the ANC would be paid for under DSLBD grant assistance and/or individual contributions. Funding from ANC 3E would complement, but not duplicate, any assistance from the DC government.

Budget for the proposed ANC 3E grant:

Meals per Week           Avg. Unit Price           # of Weeks           Total

          95                               $15                           5                         $7,125

Transportation/Delivery/Coordination $350

Total grant request $7,475

The average unit price per meal includes cost of goods sold, labor, packaging for delivery, etc.

TMS acknowledges that expenses must be incurred within 60 days of receipt of funds or a signed contract must be submitted to the Commission. Once the contracted services are complete, which should be done within 6 months from receipt of funds, the grantee must forward a copy of a paid receipt to the Commission. The funds may not be used for routine expenses. As a duly authorized representative of the Applicant, I submit this grant request.

Date: February 7, 2022

Signature: ______________

Print Name: Leigh Catherine Miles

TMS Grant Application – Meals for Seniors