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Minutes of ANC 3E September 11, 2014 Meeting

The meeting convened at 7:30pm. Commissioners Bender, Frumin, Serebin and Quinn were present.

Announcements / Open Forum – opportunity for members of the community to raise issues of concern or importance to the 3E neighborhood

A representative of the Lorie Masters for Attorney General campaign made an announcement of her candidacy and offered to provide information about her and her campaign to those interested.

Commissioner Serebin made an announcement that he had purchased gifts for his fellow Commissioners intended to underscore his desire that they be attentive to tree canopy issues.

Lisa Schneiderman, Director of Community Relations for Georgetown Day School, announced that GDS intended to launch an RFP process for a firm to assist in community engagement planning for the development at the Safeway and Martens sites.

Police Report

Lt. Alan Hill of the Second District provided an update on recent crime trends. He explained that crime in all categories except burglaries was down in the past 90 days, but noted that there had been a rash of burglaries in PSA 202 which he supervises and the upper NW area generally.

Residents asked a series of questions about the steps taken and any progress made by the police in the wake of this rash of burglaries. Lt. Hill said that they had some suspects but had not had a real break in the case. He noted that the mode of operation was bolder than the previous pattern. Here, burglars were kicking down doors, if necessary, and focusing on the highest value merchandise whereas more typical burglaries appeared to be targets of opportunity when a door or window was left open.

A resident also asked about traffic enforcement at the complex intersection of Fessenden and 45th and River. Lt. Hill said that they do enforcement there occasionally.

Presentation relating to construction progress at the Tenley View

Patrick Cooper of Compass Design Development representing Douglas Development and Dan Thornton of McCullough Construction – the construction manager for the project — outlined plans for and answered questions relating to construction in the coming months and impacts on traffic and pedestrians. A representative from DDOT – Levon Petrosian – attended and also addressed questions.

Discussion of application for a substantial change to the liquor license of the Dancing Crab to allow for an increase in capacity

Stephen O’Brien, counsel to the Dancing Crab, outlined the plans for expansion of the restaurant and the need for a change in the license to accommodate that expansion. Commissioners explained that they had worked out a Settlement Agreement with the Dancing Crab that placed the Dancing Crab’s hours for outdoor seating on the same footing as their neighbors to the north and south – Bread & Salt and Public Tenley. The Commission unanimously approved a resolution in support of the application subject to the Settlement Agreement.

Application for a Special Exception for 4429 Faraday NW

The architect for the applicant explained that the applicant sought a special exception to a rear yard requirement because she planned to add six foot deep addition and a deck across the back of the house. He noted that the addition did not result in the need for the special exception but the deck did. A Commissioner explained that the nearby neighbors had submitted letters in support of the application and the applicant had agreed to a voluntary agreement whereby she would replace a driveway with a permeable surface – offsetting the loss of permeable surface from the addition – and would plant two trees – to offset the loss of a mature tree. Commissioners voted unanimously in support of a resolution in favor of the application subject to the Voluntary Agreement.

Presentation of a grant request by the Lisner Home for Zoo Day

Debbie Lyle of the Lisner Home presented their grant request for support for Zoo Day. All of the commissioners spoke in support of the grant which is to be voted on at the October meeting.

Presentation of a grant request by the Children’s Art Center

Nicole Brandes of the Children’s Art Center presented a grant request for support for their internship program. Commissioners spoke in favor of the grant, but urged that the Center consider funding the program through another mechanism in future years while expressing openness to funding a scholarship program for lower-income interns in future years. The idea had been suggested that the internships be limited to residents of ANC 3E. Commissioners suggested that the internships be more widely available (on the theory that the organization serves ANC 3E residents and the internship program serves the program) and at a minimum that the internships be available to any child who attends school in ANC 3E. Commissioners urged that the applicant provide greater documentation of the rates used for labor in the grant request and indicated they planned to vote on the grant at the October meeting.

Additional period for open forum

A resident of ANC 3E, Wilbur Hadden, echoed a point raised by a Commissioner regarding the finding by DCPS that a middle school student at a school in ANC 3E was truant when she missed school to perform at a very high level in piano performances.

ANC 3D Commissioner and candidate for the Ward 3 seat on the State Board of Education, Philip Thomas, introduced himself.

A representative of the Muriel Bowser for Mayor campaign made an announcement of her candidacy and offered to provide information about her and her campaign to those interested.    

ANC Business

Approval of July 2014 Meeting Minutes

Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the July 2014 meeting minutes.

Approval of expenditures

Commissioners voted unanimously to approve expenditures:

$606.25 to Loren Stein

$38.22 to Matt Frumin

$13.28 to Tom Quinn

$44.57 to Fedex Office

$119.88 to Bluehost Inc.


The commission adjourned at 9:15pm.


Respectfully submitted,



Matthew Frumin, Chair