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Minutes of ANC 3E September 15, 2011 Meeting

The meeting convened at or about 7:30 pm.  Commissioners Bender, Frumin, Quinn and Sklover were present.

Announcements and Open Forum


Dr. Peter Glassman, the owner of Friendship Hospital for Animals, next door to the Babe’s Billiard site, stated that he objected to the proposed development for that site given the impact it could have on parking in the area.

Crime Report

Lt. Hill stated that while robberies in the area were up slightly, none of the recent robberies involved violence.

Grant to the Lisner Home for Zoo Day

The Commission approved a $981.30 grant to the Lisner Home for art supplies for the upcoming Zoo Day festivities.

Traffic Calming at 43rd St. and River Rd. and 46th and Fessenden Sts., NW

The Commission voted unanimously to support a resolution supporting DDOT’s proposed installation of a “no left turn” sign from River Road onto 43rd Street, NW during morning rush hour.  The Commission postponed consideration of a resolution in support of a four way stop at 46th and Fessenden Streets, NW to allow more time to hear from additional constituents and until DDOT came forward for a request for advice on the subject.

Janney 5K Route

The Commission voted unanimously in support of a letter in support of the proposed route for the Janney 5K to be held on October 15th.

Wilson Swimming Pool Lane Configuration

The Commission voted unanimously in support of a resolution calling for DPR to embrace a compromise position in the lane configuration debate to have the pool in short course mode half of the time and long course mode half of the time.  The Commission also urged that DPR review the situation at the close of the school year to consider if modifications to any changes it eventually embraced were called for.

ANC Business

The Commission approved a check for $3000.00 to the Wilson Crew Boosters & $243.75 to the Waters Ward Company.

The Commission adjourned at or about 10:30 pm