1. The owners of the property at 4301 Garrison Street NW seek to add a rear addition to their home.
  2. The property adjoins a public alley. The property is non-conforming, with only 3 feet of side yard on the alley side.
  3. The applicants ask permission to maintain the 3-foot setback of the current house for its addition. The applicants could build their proposed addition as of right if it maintained a 5-foot setback.
  4. The applicants have secured letters of support or non-opposition from seven neighbors, apparently including all adjacent neighbors, and, in light of the buffer provided by the alley, the addition does not appear substantially to adversely affect any neighbors.
  5. The proposed addition does not appear to be out of character with the neighborhood.
  6. The proposed addition would result in a loss of permeable space. The applicants have committed to installing and using at least one rain barrel, which should help mitigate the loss of permeable space.
  7. The applicants represent that construction of the addition will result in no loss of mature trees.


  1. ANC 3E supports the above-referenced application, in reliance on the applicants’ promise to install and use at least one rain barrel to help mitigate the loss of permeable space from the addition.
  2. ANC 3E respectfully asks the Board of Zoning Adjustment, if it approves the instant application, to make the applicants’ commitment recited in the foregoing paragraph a condition of its approval.

The resolution passed by a vote of __-__-__ at a properly noticed meeting held on March 18, 2021, at which a quorum was present, with Commissioners Bender, Cohen, Hall, McHugh, and Quinn in attendance.



by Jonathan Bender


Resolution in Support of 4403 Garrison Special Exception

Draft Resolution in Support of 4403 Garrison Special Exception