Resolution in Support of Approving the Board of Zoning Application No. 19503 asking for Zoning Relief from Parking Space Requirement at Friendship Park

Request by the Department of General Services for zoning relief from the parking space requirement of Subtitle C § 701.5 of the 2016 Zoning Regulations associated with the new public recreation and community center at Friendship (Turtle) Park at 4500 Van Ness Street NW (Square 1560, Lot 805).

This request is necessary based on the claimed physical inability to locate the parking spaces on the park and because the District’s Department of Transportation (“DDOT”) would not support a proposal to utilize the existing curb cut on Van Ness Street to allow vehicular access to the site. The park has never had parking, and therefore, the applicant contends that this request is proportionate to the reduction in parking requested (one space). Also, because the park has never had parking, the applicant states there is no need for a Transportation Management Plan.

Whereas, for decades Turtle Park has been a benefit to the neighborhood, providing playground and recreation space to generations of children in AU Park and upper Northwest;

Whereas, Turtle Park has never provided off-street parking spaces on the site;
Whereas, in November 2015, the recreation center and playground were closed for renovation after

years of planning with the community;

Whereas, in March/April 2016, the former recreation center on the site was demolished;

Whereas, in November 2016, excavation work began on the new recreation center;

Whereas, in February 2017, building permits were issued and construction began on the new recreation center;

Whereas, in April 2017, this ANC was informed that DGS required zoning relief from the requirement for off-street parking spaces for the new recreation center under the new zoning regulations;

Whereas, at a duly noticed public meeting on April 13, 2017 DGS and its representatives presented the parking relief request to the ANC and responded to questions by commissioners and the community;

Whereas, based on the review of this application and the discussion during the ANC meeting on April 13, 2017, ANC 3E supports the relief requested based on the contentions made by DGS; and

Now, therefore, in recognition of these considerations, ANC 3E adopts the following resolution.

Resolved, ANC 3E recommends that the Board of Zoning Adjustment approve the Application No. 19503 and that ANC 3E’s recommendation be accorded the great weight provided for in the ANC statute and grant this application, provided that DGS takes all reasonable steps to secure a handicapped space adjacent to the park that complies with all pertinent laws, as DGS has represented it will do. The ANC selects Commissioner Jonathan McHugh, SMD 3505 to represent the ANC in this matter before the Board of Zoning Adjustment or other governmental bodies.

The resolution passed by a vote of 4 – 0 – 0 at a properly noticed meeting held on April 13th, 2017 located at the American University, Washington College of Law at 4300 Nebraska Ave NW, NT08, with the case listed on the meeting agenda and a quorum present, with Commissioners Bender, Wallace, McHugh, and Quinn in attendance.


By Jonathan Bender, Chairperson