1. 1. The Neighborhood Engagement Achieves Results (NEAR) Act is law in the District of Columbia.

    2. The Act passed the DC Council unanimously in March of 2016, and had the support of the following current Councilmembers representing this ANC

    Anita Bonds (At Large)
    David Grosso (At Large)
    Phil Mendelson (Chair, At Large) Elissa Silverman (At Large)
    Mary Cheh (Ward 3)

    1. The Act has been fully-funded in the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget
    2. One element of the NEAR Act the Act requires MPD to collect and publicize data on

    information regarding all “stops and frisks” conducted in the District (“Stop and Frisk Data”), including the race, gender, and date of birth of each person stopped, as well as whether and for what reason each stop resulted in a search and/or arrest.

    5. Stop and Frisk Data will help ensure MPD and the public can assess and respond to trends in enforcement which may suggest improper biases.

    6. The Deputy Mayor for Public Safety attended an ANC meeting and confirmed that Stop and Frisk data has not yet been made fully available as the law requires and may not be fully available for many months.

    1. ANC 3E respectfully calls on MPD and the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety to make Public

    Safety Data fully available at the earliest possible time.

    2. ANC 3E respectfully calls on the Mayor and Council to reaffirm publicly their commitment to implementing fully all elements of the NEAR Act, including data collection and reporting components.

    The resolution passed by a vote of 4-0-0 at a properly noticed meeting held on June 14, 2018, at which a quorum was present, with Commissioners Bender, Hall, McHugh, and Quinn in attendance.

    ANC 3E

    __________________ by Jonathan Bender Chairperson

Draft NEAR Act Resolution JUNE 2018

Final NEAR Act Resolution