-Resolution-DC_PE_Assessment-June2018-v001.doc – 2018-07-16-15_24.pdf – DOCUSIGNEDResolution Supporting the DC Council Bill titled “District of Columbia Education Research Advisory Board and Collaborative Establishment Amendment Act of 2018”

Whereas, the District’s Education system has suffered for a number of years from the lack of reliable data to gauge its progress and questions as to the veracity of how data is collected and reported. In addition, the data provided, as commented upon by the DC Council and others, sometimes appears to be influenced by agencies that might have conflicts of interest in its content; and

Whereas, there is a clear need for a body to independently and comprehensively collect, verify, analyze, research and disseminate educational data about DC education including, but not limited to, enrollment, finances, asset utilizations, graduation, standardized testing, attendance, student progress, residency, and many other metrics; and

Whereas, it is imperative that DC be able to measure the various workings and state of DC education in order to evaluate progress and make informed decisions on educational matters; and

Whereas, it is difficult for any existing DC Government entity to currently carry out this mission given the complicated and problematic governance structure of DC Education and with the existence of a DC agency, the DC Auditor, who is significantly independent, objective and capable of managing such tasks as evidenced by its current effort overseeing the audit of DC Schools enrollment and graduation data ; and

Whereas, the DC Council has proposed a bill that is intended to address these issues as well as several other needs such as the ability to independently research various educational topics and has consulted extensively with various educational experts in crafting the bill; and

Now, therefore, in recognition of these considerations, ANC 3E adopts the following resolution.

Resolved, ANC 3E supports the DC Council bill currently titled “District of Columbia Education Research Advisory Board and Collaborative Establishment Amendment Act of 2018”; and

The resolution passed by a vote of __-__-__ at a properly noticed meeting held on June 14th, 2018, at which a quorum was present, with Commissioners Bender, Hall, McHugh, and Quinn in attendance.


By Jonathan Bender, Chairperson

Mr. Jonathan Bender, Chairperson

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3E


Draft Resolution-DC_Education_Assessment June 2018

-Resolution-DC_PE_Assessment-June2018-v001.doc – 2018-07-16-15_24.pdf – DOCUSIGNED