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Resolution Regarding Initiatives to Underground Utilities

Whereas, the recent storms underscored again the vulnerability of our utilities to the elements with outages from downed lines causing substantial hardship and imposing many costs, and

Whereas, according to published data, the outages were the most severe in the 20016 and 20015 zip codes which are within and adjacent to ANC 3E, and

Whereas, elevated utility lines contribute (due to aggressive “pruning” by Pepco) to compromising the tree canopy which is an important aesthetic and environmental asset, and

Whereas, elevated utility lines have been shown to be tied to decreased property values and by extension decreased tax revenue for our City, and

Whereas, downed wires pose a serious and potentially life threatening safety hazard, and

Whereas, many major cities and parts of our City have underground utilities showing that it can be done affordably, and

Whereas, a project to underground utilities could create jobs for District residents, and

Whereas, many stakeholders have called for initiatives to underground as many utilities as affordable and possible to avert outages, preserve the tree canopy, bring our City into the 21st Century and create jobs for District residents, and 

Whereas, there have been proposals by members of the DC City Council including Ward Three Councilmember Cheh to commence a process to look at how to prioritize and pay for undergrounding as many utilities as practicable.

Now therefore be it resolved, ANC 3E enthusiastically supports the efforts to commence a process to underground as many utilities as practicable and calls on the DC City Council to launch a process to evaluate the priorities, costs and potential funding mechanisms to do so.

Be it further resolved, ANC 3E pledges to seek to work with other stakeholders in the most affected areas in the 20016 and 20015 zip codes to help support and shape such an effort.

ANC 3E approved this resolution at its meeting on July 12, 2012, which was properly noticed and at which a quorum was present.  The resolution was approved by a vote of 5-0-0.  Commissioners  Jonathan Bender, Matthew Frumin, Tom Quinn, Sam Serebin and Beverly Sklover were present.






By Matthew Frumin, Chairperson