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Resolution regarding traffic calming and improved pedestrian safety at the intersection of Fessenden St and 46th St NW

Whereas, Mayor Bowser and the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) have committed to reducing pedestrian fatalities in the District to zero by the year 20241 under a plan commonly referred to as Vision Zero, and

Whereas, the District of Columbia Move DC policy is to have safer and more vibrant streets and neighborhoods2, and

Whereas, the intersection of Fessenden St NW and 46th St NW poses danger for both motorists and pedestrians because at this location a collector street (Fessenden) meets a local street (46th) and the intersection is heavily used by cut-through vehicular traffic seeking to avoid the River Road – Western Avenue intersection, and

Whereas, this intersection is frequently used by pedestrians, including families walking to the playground located at the 4600 block of Fessenden St., dog walkers taking pets the park, and

Whereas, on weekends and weekday afternoons this block becomes congested with pedestrians and vehicles as a result of the soccer practices and birthday parties held at the park, increasing the potential for collisions and injuries, and

Whereas, the safety of vehicles and pedestrians is compromised by poor sight lines, both due to the incline on 46th Street, and the impaired view as a result of vehicles parked at the curb, and the speed and aggressiveness of drivers racing through an un-calmed intersection, and

Whereas, within the past month alone, two motor vehicle accidents and countless pedestrian near- misses have occurred at this intersection, and

Whereas, the Rock Creek West II Livability Study initially recommended converting the intersection of 46th St and Fessenden St NW to a four way stop sign to address concerns with this intersection3, and


2 Move DC Pedestrian Element, October 2014.
3 Rock Creek West II Livability Study, Final Report February 2011.

Whereas, the residents of Fessenden Street recently have requested the District Department of Transportation complete a traffic calming assessment in order to identify what improvements need to be made to the intersection to improve the safety of pedestrians and motorists, and

Whereas, Traffic Calming Assessments consider a variety of methods to mitigate problems, including traffic control devices, roadway design measures, and traffic calming tools (like chicanes, curb extensions, and speed tables)4,

Be it resolved, ANC 3E urges the Department of Transportation to expeditiously complete such assessment and quickly implement identified solutions, prior to the springtime when pedestrian and vehicular traffic to the nearby park will only increase.

ANC 3E approved this resolution at its meeting on March 10, 2016, which was properly noticed and at which a quorum was present. The resolution was approved by a vote of 5-0-0. Commissioners Jonathan Bender, Amy Hall, Jonathan McHugh, Tom Quinn and Anne Wallace were present.


By Jonathan Bender, Chairperson

4 DDOT Traffic Calming Assessment Application, April 2012.


ANC 3E Support for Traffic Calming Audit at 46th and Fessenden