Resolution Regarding the intersection of 42nd and Ingomar Streets NW

Whereas, in June of 2019 residents living near the intersection of 42nd and Ingomar Streets NW petitioned DDOT (service request #1900732565) for an all-way stop sign at this intersection citing numerous accidents and near accidents at the intersection, and 

Whereas, in September of 2019 DDOT formally responded and denied the request for an all-way stop sign based on a study of the intersection, citing low traffic volumes and a lack of documented accidents over the prior 12 months and stated that the intersection did not meet the criteria in federal standards for an all-way stop sign though DDOT did recommend moving parking restrictions further back from the intersection, and 

Whereas, the intersection was studied on July 2, 2019 a summer day when traffic counts are typically measurably lower than the rest of the year and that week was also a holiday week further reducing traffic counts, and

Whereas, crashes not involving injuries typically don’t result in accident reports from the Metropolitan Police Department and hence don’t appear in crash reports, and

Whereas, many drivers exit Wisconsin Avenue northbound at a high rate of speed onto 42nd Street at Emery Place which they then use to access Military Road eastbound while avoiding congestion in Friendship Heights and within the last month a speeding car[1] doing just this ended up inside a restaurant at this intersection, and 

Whereas, many residents walk on Ingomar Street every day to access the Friendship Heights Metro and the Wisconsin Avenue bus routes via the hawk signal at Wisconsin Avenue and Ingomar Street, and 

Whereas, every single intersection on 41st Street NW between Wisconsin Avenue and Military Road now has all-way stop signs and every intersection on 42nd Street also has all-way stop signs with the exception of 42nd and Fessenden Streets where Fessenden is a local collector street and this intersection is too close to the signalized intersection of Wisconsin and Fessenden to have adequate queuing space for an all-way intersection, and 

Whereas, since almost all similar intersections within single member district 3E04 and ANC 3E more broadly are all-way intersections most drivers approaching the intersection expect that all opposing traffic has a stop sign and presume other drivers will stop while often drivers who don’t have a stop sign are expecting a stop sign and stop even though it is not required leading to constant confusion, honking and near accidents. 

Now therefore be it resolved, ANC 3E respectfully requests that DDOT add all-way stop signs at this intersection to make this intersection consistent with almost every other intersection in the neighborhood.

Be it further resolved, ANC 3E urges DDOT to immediately implement the other safety recommendations in the September 2019 letter and ANC 3E also asks that DDOT examine any sightline issues at the intersection.

ANC 3E approved this resolution at its meeting on September 17, 2020, which was properly noticed and at which a quorum was present.  The resolution was approved by a vote of 0-0-0.  Commissioners Jonathan Bender, Amy Hall, Jonathan McHugh and Tom Quinn were present.



By Jonathan Bender, Chairperson


42nd and Ingomar Resolution – Final

Draft Resolution 42nd and Ingomar