September 19, 2012




Mr. Matthew Marcou

Deputy Acting Associate Director

Public Space Regulation Administration

District of Columbia Department of Transportation

55 M Street, SE, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20003


Re:  Public Space Application for Pete’s New Haven Style Pizza –

4940 Wisconsin Avenue


Dear Mr. Marcou:

At the September 13, 2012 meeting of ANC 3E, both the Applicant – Joel Mehr and Tom Marr on behalf of Pete’s New Haven Style Pizza – and the ANC agreed to request that the Public Space Committee consideration of this matter be removed from the agenda for the September 27, 2014 meeting to allow more time for the Applicant and ANC to consider potential adjustments to the proposal.   Thank you in advance for accommodating this joint request.  It is our hope that after further consultations, an application relating to this property can come before the Public Space Committee at a future meeting with the full support of the ANC.




Matthew Frumin

Chair, ANC 3E

cc:  Joel Mehr

Tom Marr