From Pepco via email:

On Tuesday, November 13th, Pepco began work in the 4200 block of Wisconsin Avenue.  This is work was discussed at ANC 3E’s June meeting in connection with the Harrison Substation modernization.  The work is being done in the manhole located in the middle of the roadway which necessitates that the parking lanes on both sides of the street be restricted in order that our crews can work safely.  The work will continue for 24-hours a day through mid-day Saturday, November 17th.  It involves splicing cable which must be done continuously until completion.  When the job is complete, cable will run continuously from the Van Ness Substation to the Harrison Substation.  We will be back on the block the week of December 3rd for two days (yet to be determined.)

I met today with each of the businesses on the block and explained the purpose of the work and the need to work 24-hours a day. Please contact me should you have any questions or need additional information.


Thank you,

Linda Greenan

External Affairs Manager/District of Columbia

701 – 9th Street, NW

Washington, DC  20068-0001