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Minutes of ANC 3E October 5, 2011 Meeting

The meeting convened at or about 7:30 pm.  Commissioners Bender, Frumin, Quinn and Sklover were present.    Commissioner Serebin subsequently joined the meeting.

Announcements / Open Forum



Special Exception Application for 4602 Fessenden, NW

The Commission voted unanimously to support a Special Exception  application for 4602 Fessenden Street, NW finding that the application was reasonable, and noting that  (1) the applicant had submitted letters from nearby neighbors who  did not object to the additions encompassed by the application, and (2) no other neighbors had contacted the commission to register objections.

Application for Historic Designation of the Tenley Campus and the Concept Plan for the Same

The Commission passed a resolution supporting designation of selected elements of American University’s Tenley Campus as a historic landmark.  Several Commissioners expressed significant reservations about the lack of transparency in pre-designation negotiations between applicants for important public projects and the State Historic Preservation Office.

AU Campus Plan and Tenley Campus Testimony

The Commission discussed proposed testimony on the Tenley Campus and the Campus Plan generally for presentation at the Zoning Commission October 6, 2011 hearing.  Several language changes were made in the proposed testimony in response to suggestions made by residents.

ANC Business

The Commission adjourned at or about 11:30 pm.