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Minutes of ANC 3E November 9, 2011 Meeting

The meeting convened at or about 7:30 pm.  Commissioners Bender, Frumin. Quinn, Serebin and Sklover were present.

Announcements and Open Forum

Liquor License Renewals

Hearing no objection to the application for renewal of a series of liquor licenses – Rodman’s, Berkshire Food & Drug, Fresh and Green, and World Market – the Commission took no action.

One resident did raise issues regarding the operation of Rodman’s, but did not ask that renewal of its ABRA license be opposed.  The resident raised certain issues regarding the timing of deliveries and the routes taken by trucks coming and going to the site.  Chairman Bender suggested that the Commission invite a Rodman’s representative to a future meeting to address such issues, and the resident agreed this was a good idea.

Historic Designation and Concept Plan Application for the Reno School

The Commission voted unanimously to support the historic designation application and a concept plan for the Reno School, which is on the Alice Deal Middle School campus, given the importance of the site to local history.  The Commissioners also noted the importance of moving renovation of the building forward, given the need for the building to serve the next generation of students at Deal, which is overcrowded only a few years after it being modernized and expanded.  The Commissioners noted, however, that here had been very little opportunity for community input into the design and sought and received assurances that there would be such opportunities in the coming months.

Liquor License Renewal for Rosa Mexicana


The Commission unanimously approved the renewal of the liquor license to be used by Rosa Mexicana subject to a voluntary agreement.

The Intersection of Wisconsin and Fessenden

The Commission unanimously approved a resolution calling for DDOT to conduct a study and provide a report on steps that could be taken to improve safety at the intersection of Fessenden Street and Wisconsin Avenue, NW in light of multiple reports that cars often speed through the red light at Fessenden Street when heading north on Wisconsin Avenue perhaps because of the visibility of the light.  The Commission also pledged to explore a broader study of safety in the Wisconsin Avenue Corridor.

Douglas Development Proposal for the Babes Billiard Site at 4600 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

Douglas Development presented proposed plans for the Babes Billiard Site at 4600 Wisconsin Avenue, NW.  They explained that they hoped to have ground floor on Wisconsin Avenue, NW be retail with several stories of apartments above.  They noted that the one open question was whether a lower level that opened to Brandywine Street, NW should be retail or parking.  The commission expressed the sentiment that if other parking could be secured in the area and other steps taken to reduce the risk of overflow parking in the neighborhood, they would like to see that portion of the building used for retail as opposed to parking.

AU Campus Plan – Tenley Campus Further Processing Application

The Commission voted unanimously to support a resolution continuing its opposition to the Tenley Campus Further Processing Application on the condition that it conduct a Special Meeting in advance of the December 1st Zoning Commission Hearing to reconsider its position in light of the University’s assurance that it would respond to a proposed set of solutions to longstanding issues and any other developments that might occur in the intervening weeks.

ANC Business

The Commission adjourned at or about 11:45 pm.