Resolution Regarding Medical Marijuana Facilities

Whereas the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) is responsible for certifying and licensing medical cannabis facilities, including dispensaries, testing labs, and cultivation centers;

Whereas neither ABRA nor ANCs have experience with these facilities operating in the community;

Whereas ANC 3E appreciates the recognition of ABRA giving “great weight” to ANC input, yet modifications in the current regulatory landscape could greatly improve the community voice;

Whereas ANC 3E believes additional improvements and assurances should be built into the ABRA process;

Whereas ANC 3D sent a letter to Mr. Fred Moosally, Director of ABRA on July 6, 2022;

Whereas ANC 3E supports the recommendations raised in that letter[1];

Whereas ANC 3E further asks that ABRA provide particular scrutiny to facilities that are proposed to be located near middle and high schools (including schools that are under development) and consider special requirements pertaining to locating such facilities in those areas (including modification of the 400-foot rule and modification of advertising requirements), as well as special consideration related to under-age access (or transfer of product to underage individuals).


ANC 3E asks ABRA to make the aforesaid improvements in the licensing and oversight process for medical cannabis facilities, including dispensaries, testing labs, and cultivation centers.

The resolution passed by a vote of 0-0-0 at a properly noticed meeting held on July 20, 2022 at which a quorum was present, with Commissioners Bender,  Cohen, Gianinno and Hall in attendance



by Jonathan Bender



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