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Minutes of ANC 3E May 12, 2011 Meeting


The meeting convened at 7:30 pm. Commissioners Bender, Frumin, Quinn, Serebin, and

Sklover were present.


Announcements and Open Forum


Community member announced the coming 75th anniversary of Wilson High School in October,

2011, and a planned 5K run to raise money for Janney PTA.


Crime Report

MPD reported on crime as compared to the same period last year. Overall crime was down in



Discussion of and Vote on request by May Fair organizers for a Grant

The commission unanimously approved a grant to the Turtle Park Mayfair Committee to help

fund a math and science exhibit at the fair on May 14, 2011.


Discussion of and Vote on Citibank Request for Special Exemption for the Surface parking lot

that they maintain and operate.


Citibank representatives returned to the commission seeking a special exception to continue

using the space adjacent to the bank’s branch at Wisconsin Avenue and Fessenden street NW

as a parking lot. Pursuant to the commission’s request, the bank agreed to permit open parking

after 7pm, except for overnight parking. Commissioners voted unanimously to support the

special exception application with this stipulation.


Discussion of and Vote on Request by Home owners of 4201 Military to receive support for

their request to put in a curb cut


Residents of 4201 Military Road NW and their architect presented their request for approval of

a curb cut at their residence. The Commission requested that the owners commit, to the best of

the abilities, to put in a large shade tree on their property. The commission unanimously

approved a resolution supporting their request.


Discussion of and Vote on Application by representatives of the Public Tenley to get support

for their continuation of the liquor license that transferred with the purchase of the property.


One of the owners of the bar Public Tenley came before the commission to seek approval for

continuation of its liquor license. The owner indicated that representatives of the establishment

would return to seek support for its application to have an outdoor café on the premises. The

commission voted unanimously to approve the continuation of the Public Tenley license to

operate, noting that a pre‐existing voluntary agreement would continue to be in force.


Discussion of Grant Request by the Chevy Chase Dog Group


The commissions voted to table the request from the Chevy Chase dog group for financial

assistance in erecting a fence and other items at Chevy Chase Park at 41st and Livingston Street

NW, pending resolution of several the outstanding issues related to the design of the fence.


Discussion of America University’s 10 year campus plan


Commissioners and community members discussed the issues surrounding AU’s 10‐year

campus plan at length. Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution expressing

dissatisfaction concerning the timing of the zoning commission hearing on American

University’s Campus Plan.


Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the meeting minutes for February and March,


Commissioners unanimously approved the first quarter’s quarterly Treasurers report.


Commission adjourned 10:45pm