Meeting Notice
(subject to change)

Thursday May 13, 2010
7:30 pm
St. Mary’s Church
Fessenden and 42nd Street, NW

1.      Announcements

2.      Open Forum

3.      Presentation by 2nd District Police

4.      Presentation of and possible vote on the plans for the playground area and improvements to the baseball field at Chevy Chase Park (but not including the possible inclusion of lights on the baseball field which will await the completion of an environmental impact study).

5.      Update on the modernization plans for the Bernard T. Janney Elementary School, the construction of the Tenley Library and the plans for the Yuma Study Center on the site directly to the south of Janney.

6.      Discussion and possible vote on a resolution urging that the City study the eventual extension of the proposed street car line on Wisconsin Avenue to Friendship Heights.

7.      Discussion and possible vote on a resolution urging the City to refine changes in parking rules to encourage commercial patrons to use metered spots rather than seek free parking in residential areas.

8.      Presentation of Grant Application by the 2nd District MPD Citizens Advisory Council.

9.      Consideration of requests to renew alcoholic beverage licenses for:

4620 Wisconsin Avenue – Murasaki Restaurant

4910 Wisconsin Avenue – Casa Fiesta II

5252 Wisconsin Avenue – Cosi

4654 Wisconsin Avenue – Satay Club Asian Restaurant

4712 Wisconsin Avenue – Yosau Restaurant

4615 Wisconsin Avenue – Dancing Crab

5335 Wisconsin Avenue – Embassy Suites

4907 Wisconsin Avenue – Le Chat Noir

ANC Business

Approval of Treasurer’s reports for March and April

Approval of April 2010 Meeting Minutes

Approval of Quarterly Report for 2nd Quarter FY 2010