Application to the

Zoning Commission for the District of Columbia for Approval of a Zoning Map Amendment

The Abraham and Laura Lisner Home for Aged Women, owner of the Lisner-Louise-Dickson-Hurt Home  (the “Applicant”) hereby give notice of their intent to file an application for a Zoning Map amendment with the Zoning Commission for the District of Columbia (“Commission”) pursuant to Subtitle Z, Section 304 of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, Title 11 (“11 DCMR” or the “Zoning Regulations”).  Pursuant to 11-Z DCMR § 304.5, the application will be filed with the Zoning Commission not less than forty-five (45) days from the date of this notice.

The property to be included in the application consists of 5425 Western Avenue, N.W, Lot 9 in Square 1663 (the “Property”).  The Property is located in Ward 3 and is within the boundaries of ANC3E. It is bounded by Western Avenue, 42nd Street and Military Road NW and is improved with a non-profit senior care facility which has provided long-term senior care to low income District residents since 1941.

The Property is presently zoned R-2.  The Applicant will seek a Zoning Map amendment to rezone the entire Property to the RA-2 zone. The RA-2 zone permits urban residential development and compatible institutional and semi-public buildings.  It is designed to be mapped in areas identified as moderate-or high-density residential areas suitable for multiple dwelling unit development and supporting uses.  (See 11-F DCMR §100). 

The RA-2 zone permits a maximum building height of 50 feet (11-F DCMR § 303).  The maximum permitted density in the RA-2 zone is 1.8 floor area ratio (“FAR”) (2.16 FAR for Inclusionary Zoning developments), 11-F DCMR § 302.  The maximum permitted lot occupancy is 60%.

The Council of the District of Columbia voted on May 18, 2021 to amend the Comprehensive Plan to designate the Property Moderate Density Residential/Institutional on the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map. The proposed RA-2 zoning is consistent with that designation.

This notice is given pursuant to 11-Z DCMR § 304.5 which requires written notice to be sent to the affected Advisory Neighborhood Commission (“ANC”) and to owners of all property within 200 feet of the perimeter of the Property.  On January 23, 2020, the Applicant appeared before ANC 3E, the affected ANC within which the Property is located, to discuss its development intentions for the Property and its intention to file a Zoning Map amendment application. The Applicant will continue to consult with the ANC. 

Should you need additional information regarding the proposed Zoning Map amendment application, please contact Matthew Frumin, at 202-247-0819.