Meeting Minutes

January 11, 20247:30 pm

The meeting convened via Zoom at 7:33 PM. Commissioners Cohen, Denny, Ghosh, Gianinno, Hall, and Quinn were in attendance. Commissioner Bender joined later. 

Announcements / Open Forum– opportunity for members of the community to raise issues of concern or importance to the 3E neighborhood

Leigh Catherine Miles, Chief of Staff for Councilmember Matt Frumin announced the DC Council had its first meeting of the new year. Councilmember Frumin will be holding a public safety meeting at the Cleveland Park Library on January 17 at 6 PM. MPD Chief Pamela Smith, US Attorney Matthew Graves, DC Attorney General Brian Schwalb, and Office of Unified Communications representatives will be in attendance to answer residents’ questions.  Performance oversight hearings and the FY 25 Budget process will begin next week. 

Tony Ciccone stated that DDOT replaced a damaged stop sign that a car crashed into at 45th and Massachusetts Ave within 24 hours of it being reported. Unfortunately, he noted that DDOT has still not responded to a resolution ANC3E passed in 2021 asking for improved safety measures at that intersection. 

Presentation by 2nd District Police

Lt Murphy and Commander Tatjana Savoy joined the meeting to discuss crime and public safety matters. Lt Murphy stated that over the last 30 days there was one homicide at the Embassy Suites Hotel (an arrest was made in that case), one burglary at Flavors Italy 420 at 4431 Wisconsin Ave (the suspects smashed the glass door and stole money), and three motor vehicle thefts (all three were recovered). 


  • Asked for details about the armed robbery in front of Wegmans. Cmdr. Savoy stated an employee was leaving Wegmans, and her coat was stolen. She went back into the store to call police and was able to provide a description of the car the suspects were driving in. The car they were driving was a stolen car that police were able to track down using license plate readers and they arrested two of the four suspects. 
  • Asked for how to join the 2nd District email listserv. Residents interested in subscribing to the email listserv should email Lt Murphy at
  • Asked for information on a bank robbery in Friendship Heights. Cmdr. Savoy stated that there were no bank robberies in the 2nd District recently. 


  • Asked Cmdr. Savoy about her thoughts on crime in the District going into the new year. She stated that anyone interested in issues surrounding crime should attend Councilmember Frumin’s Public Safety meeting at the Cleveland Park Library on 17th. She has seen an uptick in carjackings throughout the city and thefts from autos especially contractor vehicles. They are urging residents to place Air Tags or Tiles in vehicles to track stolen cars. The 2nd District is also trying to set up Amazon lockers at the police department to prevent package thefts. 
  • Asked Cmdr. Savoy to improve real-time communications regarding ongoing crimes using whatever channels they have. Savoy stated that the city pushes out notifications about violent crimes on Nextdoor but they won’t send out notices every stolen package unless there is a cluster/pattern. She also stated that residents can join the 2nd District Google Group to get a daily summary of crimes and arrests. 
  • Stated that Nextdoor is a bad platform to use for notifications because users have to rely on Nextdoor’s algorithm to put something in your feed and thought that Twitter/X would be a better platform for notifying the community. Savoy stated that the city will be standing up a real time crime center in February and hopes this will improve communications. 

Discussion of and possible vote on application by Friendship Heights Alliance to place planters at various locations in public space in Friendship Heights

Commissioner Quinn stated he authored a resolution to support the placement of 49 planters by Friendship Heights Alliance along Wisconsin Ave. Natalie Avery, the Director of Friendship Heights Alliance, stated many stakeholders expressed a desire for color and unity throughout the corridor. They worked with a consultant and DDOT to make sure they were placed properly, i.e., not blocking sidewalks, and they have a contract with a landscaper to maintain them. Their hearing will be on February 2nd

Attendees and Commissioners had no questions or comments. 

Commissioner Quinn moved and Commissioner Hall seconded a motion to approve the resolution approving planters in public space in Friendship Heights. The motion was approved by a vote of 7-0-0.

Discussion of and possible vote on resolution regarding proposal to move some students currently in-bounds for Janney Elementary School to Mann Elementary School

Commissioner Bender said we would like to hear a presentation from the Deputy Mayor for Education (DME) regarding their plans to change the school boundaries, but they could not attend this meeting and plan to present their updated plans at our February meeting. ANC3E plans to vote on a resolution in either February or March. Commissioner Gianinno stated that DCPS put out a proposal to adjust school boundaries. The school boundaries for some families in our neighborhood would go from Janney/Deal/Jackson-Reed to Mann/Hardy/MacArthur. She said it would not be a safe walk for young kids to go to Mann and getting to MacArthur is difficult. Commissioner Cohen added the DME has been holding public forums in schools but ANC3E would like to hear from the larger community. Commissioner Bender added that the DME said today that they will be adjusting their plan’s as Mann’s capacity has been adjusted downward. 


  • Were worried that their kids will get split up between the two separate feeder patterns, Mann is not withing walking distance and the high-school unproven. Another attendee replied that the DME has stated that if you currently have a child at Janney you can stay in the current feeder pattern but if there is a large gap between kids and no one is at Janney/you have a child(ren) currently at Deal, the next one will go to Mann. 
  • Stated that one of consultants went through Mann without any staff and thought Mann had a higher capacity than they can actually accommodate. That is why DME is reducing Mann’s capacity and adjusting their plans. 
  • Stated that if DCPS wants to move kids from our area out of Deal and Jackson-Reed to Hardy and MacArthur then let’s have that conversation. 
  • Stated they seem to be abandoning the plan to have walkable schools. 
  • Noted they are moving special ed classes out of Jackson-Reed, but they do not seem to be adding special ed classes at other schools and they are not including special education in their presentations. 
  • Multiple attendees stated there needs to be better transportation to MacArthur.  


  • They noted that WMATA is creating a bus route to get kids to MacArthur from Tenleytown, there seems to be a political unwillingness to move people who live in Shephard Park out of Deal and Jackson-Reed to Wells Middle School and Coolidge High School, which they can walk to.
  • Stated that we are getting some additional housing in Janney, but no housing is planned for within Mann’s boundaries. There won’t be a lot of children in those buildings but there will be some. 
  • Stated that MacArthur was an odd choice to place a HS and DME’s proposal is a solution that doesn’t solve any problems and the solution just makes everyone mad.
  • Stated that 10 years ago, DME did same thing – proposed to move a little sliver of Janney’s boundaries to Hearst which didn’t seem to do much to solve any problems but just upset people. 
  • Said they would like to learn more about their enrollment projections. 
  • Stated that having neighborhood and walkable schools is an intuitive concept. 
  • Would like to hear more about the plans for special education.
  • Would like to have the redistricting plan tied into the Wisconsin Ave Development plan. 

Commissioners asked residents to share their concerns and comments regarding this plan to be included in the resolution Commissioners will be drafting. 

Discussion of and possible vote on resolution regarding school nurse allocation in DC

Commissioner Ghosh stated there is a major shortage of nurses and especially school nurses. DCPS has a proposal to have school nurses rotate among schools in a cluster and have health technicians at each school (less than an RN or LPN). DCPS’s plan is opposed by the State Board of Education and DC Nurses’ Association and Ghosh drafted a resolution asking DCPS to provide full staffing at each school and added that school nurses make significantly less than nurses who work in other settings. 

An attendee stated that there is one nurse and two health techs that Janney shares with four other schools. They stated no one is following up on kids who are missing vaccinations and children who are sick have to stay in classrooms because there might not be an adult in the nurse’s suite.


  • Would like to see data for services from this year.
  • Wondered if Janney could use PTA funds pay for a nurse. Others replied that there might be liability issues to hire their own nurse, but the PTA is talking about getting parents and teachers trained to do some low-level services. 

Commissioner Ghosh moved and Commissioner Denny seconded a motion to approve the resolution regarding nurse allocation in DC Public Schools. The motion was approved by a vote of 7-0-0.

ANC Business:

  • Election of officers – Commissioner Bender moved, and Commissioner Quinn seconded a motion to approve the following slate of officers: Commissioner Bender as Chairperson, Commissioner Cohen as Vice-Chairperson, Commissioner Quinn as Treasurer, and Commissioner Hall as Secretary. The motion was approved by a vote of 7-0-0.
  • Approval of security fund resolution – Commissioner Quinn moved, and Commissioner Bender seconded a motion to approve the security resolution. The motion was approved by a vote of 7-0-0.
  • Approval of meeting schedule – Commissioner Bender moved, and Commissioner Hall seconded a motion to approve the draft meeting schedule in which ANC3E plans to meet on the second Thursday of each month, except for August. The motion was approved by a vote of 7-0-0.
  • Approval of December 2023 Meeting Minutes – Commissioner Bender moved, and Commissioner Gianinno seconded a motion to approve the Amended December 2023 Meeting Minutes. The motion was approved by a vote of 7-0-0.
  • Approval of expenditures – Commissioner Quinn moved, and Commissioner Bender seconded a motion to approve payments of $502.50 to Sherry Cohen for administrative services and $50 for the Security Fund. The motion was approved by a vote of 7-0-0.

Commissioner Quinn stated OANC will be moving to an all-electronic system for the Financial Reports this year that will allow for e-signing. 

The meeting was adjourned by acclimation at 9:27 PM.

ANC3E Jan 11 2024 Meeting Minutes – Draft