GRANT APPLICATION Grants are available only to non-profit organizations; individuals may not apply. Applicant organizations must provide services to residents of ANC 3E. Within 60 days of the issuance of any grant, the grantee must provide to the Commission a statement as to the use of the funds consistent with the grant application, complete with receipts that support the expenditures. Grants may be submitted by e-mail to or mailed to ANC 3E c/o: The Lisner-Louise-Dickson-Hurt Home at the address above.

Please complete all items. Incomplete applications will be returned and not considered. Attach additional pages if needed.

1. Applicant Organization

Name:_Tenleytown Main Street (TMS)_____________________________________________________

Address: 4545 42nd St., NW Suite 214 Washington, DC 20016___________________________

Contact Person: Leigh Catherine Miles, Executive Director_______ Telephone: 202-362-1815__________

e-mail: lcmiles@tenleytownmainstreet.org_________________________

2. Project Information

Name of Project: Tenleytown Main Street – COVID 19 Recovery & Resilience

Description of Project:


Founded in 2015, Tenleytown Main Street (TMS) is a community-based nonprofit organization that works with residents and local businesses to strengthen the economic vitality of Tenleytown. We seek to achieve a business district that is a thriving, walkable, and friendly neighborhood center that retains its small town feel with up-to-date urban amenities. Our portfolio of programs is intended to meet the unique needs of our business district, including marketing and special events, public and urban green space maintenance, small business consulting, and financial support for storefront and business operation improvements.


Across the nation and here at home, businesses are shuttered and livelihoods are under threat due to COVID-19. Scores of Tenleytown Main Street’s small, locally-owned businesses face unprecedented challenges. Our organization stands steadfast at the frontlines, providing support to sustain businesses in the short-term and position them to rebound once this current crisis has passed.

Even before DC’s economy started to contract, TMS launched a COVID-19 hub on our website to keep customers connected to businesses and businesses to financial and technical support. TMS then quickly mobilized to provide $31,000 in emergency and technical assistance grants to 22 local businesses. Our staff has also worked one-on-one with more than 50 businesses, providing over 250 hours of pro-bono technical assistance to help them adapt their business operations, access government relief programs, and apply for local and national financial assistance. We are dedicated to ensuring our business district and community emerges strong from this crisis.

As our business district moves into a phased re-opening, TMS support for small, local businesses will include:

 Emergency small business grants and recovery seed funding

 Technical support to help businesses adapt to new market conditions

 Training and preparedness resources for owners and employees as businesses reopen

 Marketing and promotional support for local businesses

 Other essential initiatives as our neighborhood transitions into recovery

In support of Tenleytown Main Street’s COVID-19 Recovery & Resilience program, TMS is requesting a $3,000 grant from ANC 3E for two initiatives:

1. Digital marketing services to benefit Tenleytown businesses and provide the public information about available retail, restaurant, and service offerings

Tenleytown Main Street plays a critical role in connecting businesses and potential customers thoroughly timely, accurate information. TMS produces a regularly updated business directory, guide to current business offerings and specials, bi-weekly e-newsletters for business owners, a monthly enewsletter for the Tenleytown community, and digital content through channels that include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Collectively, these resources reach tens of thousands of community members and potential customers.

TMS is seeking ANC support for the organization’s digital marketing services for Tenleytown businesses provided in partnership with a DC Certified Business Enterprise with small business expertise. The requested amount would provide for a full month of these services, benefiting more than 40 local businesses.

2. Health & Cleaning Kits for businesses

A phased reopening will require new, enhanced approaches toward cleaning places of businesses to protect the health of employees and customers. In the current context, businesses are experiencing challenges in procuring necessary cleaning products as some of their existing vendors are unable to source products on a reliable schedule, have limited products, and/or are charging a premium for cleaning products. Working through established Main Street relationships with DC-based vendors, TMS intends to provide Tenleytown small businesses with Health & Cleaning Kits, consisting of gloves, commercial grade cleaners, commercial grade sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, and/or disposable face masks. These basic kits would help businesses begin implementing new cleaning practices while they establish regular supply chains for necessary products. Our intention is to leverage bulk purchasing to distribute kits widely.


Tenleytown Main Street is dedicated to promoting, improving, and strengthening the Tenleytown business district. The proposed projects would contribute to the sustainability of the unique small, local businesses that are an essential part of the vibrant community residents desire. With the prospect of up to 40% of small businesses closing nationwide, it is imperative that we provide support to Tenleytown small businesses, many of which have served this community for decades.

Location of Project: Tenleytown Main Street corridor, along Wisconsin Avenue between Van Ness and Fessenden streets.

Total Project Cost: $20,000 (for business marketing and Health & Cleaning Kits)

Grant Request: $3,000

Where will additional funds needed to complete the project come from? Tenleytown Main Street is an officially designated DC Main Streets program and is funded in part by the DC Department of Small and Local Business Development. Funding for administrative and some project expenses are provided for under the DSLBD grant. Funding from ANC 3E would complement, but not duplicate, assistance from the DC government. Additional funding for COVID 19 Recovery & Resilience is being raised through private donations.

Budget for the proposed ANC 3E grant:

 Digital marketing services: $1,400

One-month of professional digital marketing services benefiting approximately 40 Tenleytown businesses

 Health & Cleaning Kits: $1,600

Each kit would cost between $100 and $150, depending upon product pricing. TMS is currently working with local suppliers on bulk order pricing to reduce per kit costs. Kits are anticipated to include 200-300 disposable gloves, up to 3 gallons of commercial grade cleaner, 200-300 commercial grade sanitizing wipes, up to 50 disposable face masks, and hand sanitizer.

The expenses must be incurred within 60 days of receipt of funds or a signed contract must be submitted to the Commission. Once the contracted services are complete, which should be done within 6 monthsfrom receipt of funds, the grantee must forward a copy of a paid receipt to the Commission. The funds may not be used for routine expenses. As a duly authorized representative of the Applicant, I submit this grant request.

Date: May 15, 2020

Signature: _________________________________________________________________

Print Name: Leigh Catherine Miles______________________________________________

TMS Grant Application – COVID Recovery & Resilience – May 2020