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Minutes of ANC 3E February 10, 2011 Meeting


The meeting convened at 7:39 pm.

Commissioners Bender, Frumin, Quinn, Serebin, and Sklover were present.


Open Forum

Alan Page, a Ward 6 resident in attendance, indicated that he was seeking signatures on his petitions to run for the at-large council seat. Garrison Street resident David Frankel indicated he is suing the District for release of information regarding construction of housing on top of the Tenley Library. Frankel described his Freedom of Information Act filings, and urged the Commission for support in this regard.


Crime Report

MPD reported on crime as compared to the same period last year. A printout of statistics for the pertinent period is attached to these minutes.


Discussion of MPD Staffing/Reporting/Crime Reduction Goals

Commissioners noted that MPD has not provided monthly staffing reports for PSA 202, but that fragmentary information on staffing suggests that PSA 202 suffers from considerably more violent crime than several similarly-staffed nearby PSAs.

MPD Lt. Alan Hill discussed recent staffing levels, crime rates, and availability of statistics. After discussion, the Commission voted unanimously to approve a resolution calling upon MPD to set specified targets for reduction of violent crime, and to provide staffing and more extensive crime data each month.


Application for Curb Cut at 4615 42nd Street NW

Ms. Liendo of 4615 42nd Street requested ANC support for a curb cut that would allow her access to the area in her front yard where a concrete pad already exists. She described particular hardships she suffered in connection with parking. The Commission asked, and Ms. Liendo agreed, to commit to replace the concrete pad with permeable materials and plan additional shade trees in her yard. The Commission voted (4-1) to support the applicant’s request for a curb cut with the aforementioned conditions.


Application for Extended Hours at 4926 Wisconsin Ave. Lot

The owner and his attorney, Mr. Gelfarb, addressed the owner’s request to extend the hours of operation at the parking lot the owner operates behind to permit valet parking in the evenings. The lot is currently subject to an expiring 7 year special exception permitting it to provide parking during the day, and the owner also

sought to make its special exception permanent. Commissioners stated that in light of the changes sought to the operation of the lot, they would prefer that the owner amend his application to seek another 7 year special exception. The Commissioners also suggested that the owner contact the neighbors of the parking

lot to assess their support or opposition to his plan, and return to a subsequent commission meeting with written indications of support if they could obtain such indications.


Resolution Regarding Janney Elementary School Modernization and Expansion Project.

The Commission discussed concerns related to the Janney modernization and expansion project, including reported cost overruns, lack of transparency, and possible elimination or reduction by OPEFM of elements of the modernization that OPEFM had previously promised to deliver. The Commission voted unanimously (5-0) to support a resolution calling on the Mayor to make documents related to the modernization and use of Janney’s land available to the commission upon request.


American University 2010 Campus Plan presentation – Focused on the proposed move of the Law School to the Tenley Circle campus.

David Taylor, Jorge Abud, and Penny Pagano of American University (AU) discussed the university’s plan to increase the size of the law school and move it to AU’s Tenley Campus (presently the home to administrative offices and AU’s Washington semester program). Residents voiced concerns about burdens they believed would arise in connection with the relocation of the law school, including increased automobile traffic and parking in the neighborhood. Residents also cited an agreement American University entered into with the ANC in 1986, in which AU promised to limit sharply any further development on the site.

The Commission urged American University to work further with it and the neighbors to try to reach a consensus on the design of a campus and of campus operations that AU and the community – both the most proximate neighbors and those further afield — could look at as a substantial net benefit. Commissioners noted that, in principle, they could support moving the law school to the Tenley Campus, but that numerous specific concerns needed to be addressed before they could consider voting in support of AU’s application.


The Commission adjourned at 11:15pm