Crimes in Police Service Area 202

Reported in December 2023

OFFENSE Dec2023 Nov2023 Dec2022 2023 YTD Total (avg/month) 2022 Total (avg/month) Avg/month Jan 2015 – Dec 2023
Homicide 0 0 0 0 (0.00) 0 (0.00) 0.02
Sex Abuse 0 0 1 1 (0.08) 3 (0.25) 0.11
Assault with Dangerous Weapon 0 0 0 1 (0.08) 5 (0.42) 0.57
Robbery  2 1 1 16 (1.33) 14 (1.17) 1.19
Total Violent Crimes 2 1 2 18 (1.50) 22 (1.83) 1.89
Burglary 3 0 0 11 (0.92) 12 (1.00) 1.92
Thefts from Auto 7 17 4 132 (11.00) 78 (6.50) 13.21
Thefts Other 9 30 10 195 (16.25) 194 (16.17) 21.11
Motor Vehicle Theft 3 7 0 31 (2.58) 21 (1.75) 1.88
Total Property Crimes 22 54 14  369 (30.75) 305 (25.42) 38.12
TOTAL 24 55 16 387 (32.25) 327 (27.25) 40.01

Data reflect the date crimes were reported to MPD and include all crimes reported in PSA 202 as of Jan 6, 2024.  Source

PSA 202 Crime Trends:

Crimes reported in November 2023 were 189% higher than in October 2023 and 83% higher than in October 2022. The Monthly average of Property Crimes is 23% higher in 2023 than in 2022. The Total monthly average crime for 2023 is 19% higher than 2022 monthly averages (32.55 vs 27.25) and 19% lower than then historical monthly average from January 2015 through November 2023 (32.55 vs 40.17).

Crime Details by Category:

Robbery (2 Total):

  • Tuesday, December 12 at 2:45 PM; 5224 block of Wisconsin Ave, NW; CCN 23201965. Four to five suspects carrying guns wearing all black with ski masks entered the Verizon store and demanded property from customers and employees. The suspects took money from the cash register and stole several items from the store’s safe. Suspects then fled the scene Southbound on Wisconsin Ave. NW in a red SUV with unknown tag make and model. 
  • Tuesday, December 12 at 3:20 PM; 4800 block of 41st St, NW; CCN 23201997. The complainant reports that while traveling on a bicycle, he was approached by a white sedan vehicle occupied by 4 black males. The Driver (suspect) blocked the complainant at which time two of the suspects exited the vehicle. Suspect #1 made a gesture inside his coat pocket like pointing an object towards the complainant. Suspect #1 then stated: “Give me the coat or I’m gonna kill you”. The complainant complied and gave his coat to the suspect. S-1 to S-4 then fled the scene on the white sedan heading southbound on the 4700 block of Belt RD NW. 

Burglary (3 Total):

  • Sunday, December 3 at 1:30 AM; 5224 block of Wisconsin Ave, NW; CCN 23196852. The reporting party stated that the listed address was burglarized by suspect(s) unknown. The front door appeared be shattered in an unknown manner and the property was taken from the inside of the location. 
  • Wednesday, December 6 at 4:00 AM; 5224 block of Wisconsin Ave, NW; CCN 21198417. The reporting party was in the process of opening up the doors to his business and noticed two suspects standing in front of the location. He opened the doors to his business, proceeded down the escalator, and heard the sound of a window breaking. He went outside and discovered the front left door was shattered, miscellaneous items were taken and the area behind the front counter was disheveled and in disarray. The listed location did not have any cameras inside or outside.
  • Saturday, December 15 at 8:00 PM; 4404 block of Wisconsin Ave, NW; CCN 23204683. The reporting party stated that the suspects entered the location. Cash taken was stolen from the cash drawer keep inside the upper level of the business and an electric scooter that was charging behind the counter was also taken. There were cameras inside the establishment and next door but none of the cameras were connected and working at the time of the burglary.

Motor Vehicle Theft (3 Total)

  • Sunday, December 10 at 19:09 PM; 4600 block of Wisconsin Ave, NW; CCN 23201115. The complainant reported that he went inside the Papa Johns to pick up an order, heard a vehicle honk two times and saw a suspect driving off in his vehicle traveling northbound on Wisconsin Ave NW. The vehicle was recovered by Montgomery County Police on December 13 in Silver Spring, MD. 
  • Wednesday, December 13 at 10:00 AM; 4908 block of Wisconsin Ave, NW; CCN 23202410. The suspects approached the witness at the rear of the location and asked him: “is this your car give me the keys.” When the witness replied that he did not own the vehicle, the suspect then walked over to the rear passenger side window and broke the window using an unknown object. The suspects then entered the vehicle and fled the scene traveling Southbound in the alleyway.  The vehicle was then recovered on 12/15/2023 at 1800 hours in the rear of 4100 Albemarle ST NW (rear lot of Janney Elementary). Security cameras images showed the suspects exiting the vehicle on 12/13/23 at 1007 hours. 
  • Friday, December 29 at 5:24 PM; 4300 block of Wisconsin Ave, NW; CCN 23210752. The reporting party stated he parked his vehicle in front of Chipotle. When he walked back to his vehicle, it was missing.  The vehicle was new according the complainant and has unknown Maryland Hard tags affixed on the front and the rear.  The key is with the complainant. The registration was in the vehicle.  The vehicle was recovered in the rear of 2500 block University place NW. The ignition was not punched. All 4 tires are on the vehicle along with both tags. There is no body damage to the vehicle.