The DC Water Meter Rehabilitation Project will focus on replacing meters and meter transmitting units that are nearing the end of their useful life in various locations throughout the District of Columbia. This project supports the rehabilitation of DC Water’s Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system, which uses radio transmitters wired to water meters to convey data to a network of radio receivers, also referred to as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). The new meters and transmitting units will have better capabilities compared to the last series of meters and promote timely and accurate monthly bills for customers.


 Replacement of about 88,000 small diameter water meters and meter transmitting units.


 Project Start: January 2017
 Project Completion: June 2018


  •   Approximately 95% of the meter installations are located in outside pits in public space, thus minimizing impacts to customers. DC Water will locate the meter box in the field using a utility locating device and uncover the meter lid.
  •   If the meter is located inside a residence and/or is for a non-residential service, DC Water will need to schedule an appointment to gain access and will provide a three (3) hour arrival time frame. Please provide access for DC Water to complete this important project.
  •   The contractors completing the work will have DC Water photo identification, uniforms with patches and hard hats with decals identifying them as a DC Water contractor.
  •   Upon completion of the work, minor site restoration will be provided, as needed (i.e. re- grading soil, planting grass seeds and mulching, etc.).


    DC Water Project Manager: John Wujek (202) 612-3473
    DC Water Contractor: Smart Grid Solutions – Bill Banks (202) 266-0346 DC Water 24-hr Emergency: (202) 612-3400
    DC Water Office of External Affairs: (202) 787-2200
    Email: john.wujek@dcwater.com