Crimes Reported in Police Service Area 202

July 2019

OFFENSEJuly 2019June 2019July 20182019 YTD Total (avg/month)2018 Total (avg/month)
Homicide0101 (0.14)0 (0.00)
Sex Abuse0001 (0.14)0 (0.00)
Assault with Dangerous Weapon001 1 (0.14)9 (0.75)
Robbery 2028 (1.14)17 (1.42)
Total Violent Crimes21311 (1.57)26 (2.17)
Burglary03317 (2.42)18 (1.50)
Thefts from Auto131719 139 (19.86)251 (20.92)
Thefts Other362526173 (24.71)286 (23.83)
Motor Vehicle Theft1219 (1.28)29 (2.42)
Total Property Crimes504749338 (48.29)584 (48.67)
TOTAL524852349 (49.86)610 (50.83)

Data reflect the date crimes were reported to MPD and include all crimes reported in PSA 202 as of August 22, 2019. Source:

PSA 202 Crime Trends:

Crimes this month were roughly equivalent to our historic averages with all Violent Crimes lower than average, Burglaries trending higher than average, and Motor Vehicle Thefts trending lower than average.

Crime Details by Category:

Robbery (2 Total)

  • Friday, July 19, 6:34 PM: 4100 block of Livingston St NW. CCN 19126827. The complainant was approached by 3 unknown suspects. The complainant’s cell phone and ear pods were taken. The case is still under investigation.
  • Friday, July 19, 6:36 PM: 4500 block of 42ndSt NW. CCN 19126849. The complainant reported they were approached by 4 subjects that demanded his cell phone. The complainant fled on foot and was able to get away without any property being taken. The suspects fled toward the Metro. The case is still under investigation.

Motor Vehicle Theft (1 Total)

  • Monday, July 29, 5:00 AM: 4700 block of Chesapeake St NW. CCN 19133329. The complainant reported that his motor scooter was parked on the street in front of the location and gone upon his return. The scooter was found near the location of the theft and recovered with damage to the wiring system.