The Children’s Art Studio

4723 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20016



Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3E

5425 Western Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20015


October 9, 2014


Dear Commissioners,

Nestled in Tenleytown, The Children’s Art Studio has been developing and fostering children’s love of art since 2007.   Founded on the belief that children reap tremendous emotional, intellectual and developmental gains from making art, our local nonprofit has become a cherished institution in the neighborhood and a valuable resource to almost two thousand families, offering camps, classes and workshops on the days DCPS is closed to students.   In order to continue offering our high quality programs we need your help.

The Teen Internship Program at The Children’s Art Studio is one of our most popular programs.  This program provides a learning opportunity for young adults to develop creative leadership and time management skills in a unique educational context.    Interns play a vital role in supporting classroom instruction and they weave the fabric of our community into the Studio.  We have hosted almost three hundred interns over the years from the following institutions: Deal Middle School, Wilson High School, School Without Walls, Georgetown Day School, and the Duke Ellington School of the Arts and American University.

The Teen Internship Program at The Children’s Art Studio benefits the residents of ANC 3E by providing a safe, free, engaging and rewarding experience for young adults.  They gain work experience and self-confidence.  During the session, interns commit to one hour a week for ten weeks.  They assist with art instruction and the management of materials.  Most importantly, however, they serve as mentors to our young students and help to create the supportive, creative, calm, serious and upbeat environment that is characteristic of The Children’s Art Studio.  We hope the ANC will support this wonderful program with a grant of $949.


Thank you for your consideration.



Nicole Brandes