Resolution Regarding the Revised Draft Environmental Assessment of the Broad Branch Road Rebuild

Whereas, in the spring of 2013 the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) completed a draft environmental assessment[1] assessing plans to rebuild Broad Branch Road NW between Beach Drive and Linnean Avenue, and 

Whereas, in 2013 DDOT studied four options for re-building Broad Branch Road: a no build option (Alternative 1), a rehabilitation of the 2 travel lane with the addition of curbs (Alternative 2), a rehabilitation of the roadway and the addition of a 6 foot wide sidewalk for the length of the project (Alternative 3), and a rehabilitation of the roadway also featuring a 6 foot sidewalk for the length of the project and adding 4 foot wide climbing (westbound) bike lane for the length of the project (Alternative 4), and 

Whereas, at a properly noticed public meeting on May 9, 2013, ANC 3E unanimously supported Alternative 4[2] because it would provide safety to the highest percentage of users (including cyclists heading north who would be separated from car traffic) while also inconveniencing the least number of users (cars and cyclists would have no conflict heading north), which Alternative was also supported by ANC’s 3F and 3/4G, 

Whereas, on October 15, 2020, DDOT published a revised draft environmental assessment  that recommended moving forward with a modified version of Alternative 3 that replaces the curbs in the portion of the project north of 27th Street, NW, with bioswales while also narrowing the sidewalk in some portions to less than the 6 feet proposed in the original alternative 3, 

Whereas, this modified version of Alternative 3 would create an even worse conflict with cyclists and cars headed north due to installation of a curb that prevents any safe refuge from cars traveling north, particularly because a double yellow line informs cars that the only way to pass is to squeeze by slower moving cyclists thereby creating a life-threatening hazard, by design, and

Whereas, DDOT does not appear to have employed its powers of eminent domain to claim any additional District of Columbia right of way from property owners along the proposed project, as is within its legal right when seeking to promote user safety nor does it appear that DDOT is even fully utilizing the public parking (better known as public space) available for significant stretches of the project area.[3]

Now therefore be it resolved, ANC 3E respectfully reiterates its strong preference for Alternative 4.

Be it further resolved, if alternative 4 is no longer an option ANC 3E urges DDOT to improve alternative 3 by making the following changes to improve this project for both bicyclists and pedestrians:

  • Narrow the vehicular travel lanes from 10 feet to 9 feet  and widen the sidewalk from 6 feet to 8 feet, and where space allows, widen the sidewalk even further to enable bicyclists and pedestrians to safely share the sidewalk and consider the sidewalk to be a multi-use trail for its entire length
  • Between 27th Street NW and Linnean Street NW where there are no apparent Right of Way limitations, DDOT should construct a bi-directional protected bike lane or a separated multi-use trail
  • For the remaining portions of the project area between and Beach Drive and 27th Street NW, the speed limit will be lowered to 20 MPH, sharrows will be painted in the roadway every 500 feet, and standard street signs will be place every 1,000 feet stating “[Bike Symbol] MAY USE FULL LANE[4]”.

Be it further resolved, ANC 3E believes a 2026 completion date for this project is unacceptable as it would be 13 years from the date of the initial environmental assessment.  Therefore, ANC3E urges DDOT to complete this project by 2023, which is still an astonishing 10 years after the original publication of the Environmental Report.

ANC 3E approved this resolution at its meeting on November 12, 2020 which was properly noticed and at which a quorum was present.  The resolution was approved by a vote of 0-0-0.  Commissioners Jonathan Bender, Amy Hall, Jonathan McHugh and Tom Quinn were present.



By Jonathan Bender, Chairperson





Broad Branch Road Revised Environmental Assessment Resolution – Final

Broad Branch Road Revised Environmental Assessment Resolution – Draft Nov 2020