c/o Lisner Home 5425 Western Avenue, NW Washington, DC  20015



Minutes of ANC 3E August 4, 2011 Meeting

The meeting convened at or about 7:30 pm.  Commissioners Bender, Frumin, Quinn, Serebin and Sklover were present.

Announcements and Open Forum

Resident announced that there would be a grand opening and ribbon-cutting for Chevy Chase Park on August 9th.

Presentation by and Discussion with Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton


D.C. Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives Eleanor Holmes Norton made a presentation regarding key issues in front of the Congress from the District’s perspective and fielded questions and comments from residents and Commissioners.  One of the primary topics discussed was the relationship between the District and the National Park Service (NPS).  Del. Norton mentioned that she hoped to hold a public meeting between NPS, District officials, and residents to address this relationship.

Café India Public Space Application

The Commission voted unanimously to take no action on a public space application to launch a sidewalk café by Café India in light of the fact that it appeared to already have been approved by DDOT’s Public Space Committee (PSC).  Commissioners noted that PSC regularly failed to give the Commission notice of applications in the Commission’s area, and had complained to PSC about this repeatedly. The Commission noted that it would address issues raised regarding the operation of Café India when Café India sought an amendment to its ABRA license to serve alcohol at the sidewalk café.

Lisner Home Grant Application

Debbie Lyle of the Lisner Home presented a grant application for $981.30 for art supplies to be used at their upcoming Zoo Day event for neighborhood children.

Application for a Curb Cut at 4322 42nd Street, NW

The Commission voted unanimously to support an application for a curb cut at 4322 42nd Street, NW, provided that DDOT found that the curb cut would be consistent with traffic calming measures it had recommended for 42nd Street.  Commissioners took note of the fact that street parking in the area was difficult and all of the other nearby homes had off street parking options.  The applicant also agreed to employ permeable paving materials in their new driveway.  At the request of the Commission the applicant agreed to plant additional trees on site to offset the environmental harm from the introduction of additional impermeable surfaces on the site

Public Tenley – 4611 41st Street, NW — Public Space Application

The Commission unanimously approved an application for a sidewalk café and two upstairs outdoor summer gardens.  The Commissioners urged the owner to engage in discussions with his neighbors and the ANC on potential streetscape improvements on the 4600 block of 41st Street and Wisconsin Avenue, NW.

ANC Business

The Commissioner discussed the possibility of replenishing a petty cash fund to avoid the need for the Treasurer to write checks for small, routine purchases.

The ANC approved two checks for Diana Winthrop – one for services for $337.50 and one for $16.68 for a reimbursement.

The Commission adjourned at or about 11 pm.