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Minutes of ANC 3E April 12, 2011 Meeting


The meeting convened at 7:30 pm. Commissioners Bender, Frumin, Quinn, Serebin, and Sklover were present.


After announcements, open forum, and the PSA 202 crime report,

commissioners addressed the following agenda items.


Presentation by Community Prosecutor

Anita LaRue, community prosecutor for MPD’s Second District, spoke with the commission and members of the community about the office’s role, including preparation of community impact statements for crimes within the ANC’s jurisdiction.


Presentation by ABRA

ABRA director Fred Moosally discussed issues related to ABRA’s role, including investigations into establishments suspected of serving minors, and issuance of liquor licenses.


Discussion of and Vote on application by The Capital Wine School LLC for a liquor license for 5207 Wisconsin Avenue NW.

Commissioners heard from the applicant and its attorney. The commission unanimously passed a resolution in support of the applicant’s request for a liquor license for his wine school, based in part on a voluntary agreement providing, among other things, that the license would be used to operate a wine school only.


Discussion of and Vote on application to provide valet parking at 4926 Wisconsin Ave.

Commissioners heard from the applicant and its attorney about the applicant’s request for permission to operate a valet parking service using the lot behind 4926 Wisconsin Avenue. The commission unanimously approved a resolution in support of the applicant’s request.


Discussion of application by Citibank for special exception.

The Commission heard a presentation by Citibank representatives requesting support for a special exemption to continue operating the parking facility next to the bank branch at Fessenden Street and Wisconsin Avenue. Commissioners asked Citibank to permit use of the lot after hours to parking for local businesses, rather than let the lot lie fallow. Citibank representatives stated that their corporate policy prevented such an arrangement but, given the Commission’s stance, they agreed to continue the conversation at the next meeting.


Discussion of and Vote on Resolution Concerning DDOT Livability Study

The commissioners and attendees discussed DDOT’s Rock Creek West Livability Study and possible responses to it at some length. Afterwards, the commission unanimously passed a resolution that expressed support for the Livability study, while also pointing out particular areas of continuing concern and making suggestions for future studies.


The Commission adjourned at approximately 11:30 pm.