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Resolution on Van Ness Street (between Mass Ave. and Nebraska)


Whereas, Van Ness is a collector street (not an arterial), and thus intended to collect local traffic from local streets and move it to arterials; and

Whereas, the role of arterials is to handle the high levels of pressure that automobile commuters put on the roadways in DC; and

Whereas, Van Ness street regularly sees disproportionate and excessive cut through traffic by MD and VA commuters at rush hours; and

Whereas, the level of traffic regularly causes cars to back up from the Van Ness/Nebraska intersection down past 42nd, 43rd street, and sometimes as far back as 44th street.; and

Whereas, the vast majority of this traffic is comprised of (MD and VA licensed) vehicles inappropriately coming off of arterials onto local streets, and back onto arterials, in order to avoid various impediments or slow downs on arterials; and

Whereas, the problems on Van Ness are the result of numerous “leaks” occurring throughout the area (most, but not all, of which already have signage that make such movements illegal at rush hour); and

Whereas, despite signs prohibiting through trucks on Van Ness, there is frequent truck traffic using Van Ness to cross between Massachusetts and Nebraska;

Whereas, these local streets/intersections see a high degree of pressure from school age children walking/biking to Janney, St Ann’s, Deal, GDS, and St Columba’s, not to mention younger children in strollers with mothers and nannies going to Turtle Park all day long,  and older people looking to avoid the high pressure and high rates of speed expected on avenues such as Wisconsin, Nebraska, Massachusetts, and;

Whereas, we do not seek to shift the burden to another local or collector street or streets.

Now therefore be it resolved that ANC 3E urges DDOT to:

  • study the problem identified on Van Ness and suggest ways of alleviating the pressure in a manner to insure that commuter traffic and truck traffic use the arterial routes,as intended

ANC 3E approved this resolution at its meeting on August 15, 2012, which was properly noticed and at which a quorum was present. The resolution was approved by a vote of 5-0-0.  Commissioners Jonathan Bender, Matthew Frumin, Tom Quinn, Sam Serebin and Beverly Sklover were present.




By Matthew Frumin, Chairperson