Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 3E serves the Tenleytown, American University Park and Friendship Heights neighborhoods.  See attached map.

ANC 3E may award grants to public organizations that provide services to those who live or work in the ANC 3E area for projects that improve their health, education, or welfare.

Examples of past projects that have been awarded grants are improvements to playgrounds and ball fields, local school PTSA’s and school athletic programs not supported by DCPS, neighborhood beautification projects and neighborhood newsletters.

Under DC law, certain expenses are not eligible for grants.  These include most meals, refreshments, and travel, lobbying, legal costs other than for representation of the Commission before certain bodies, programs that duplicate DC government programs, and any funds that would directly benefit an individual.

ANC 3E will review applications as they are submitted and will ask applicants to make a presentation regarding a grant request at an ANC meeting.  ANC 3E may also solicit proposals and in such instances will likewise request such applicants to present such a proposal at an ANC meeting.  Decisions on grant applications will typically be rendered at the next meeting after a presentation is made.

Applicants must submit a written application on the form provided by ANC 3E (copy attached) and a representative of the applying organization must also appear in person at the ANC meeting where the application is being considered.  Given the time investment in completing an application, potential applicants are encouraged to contact one of the ANC commissioners to learn more about this process, including the scale of grants and the kinds of things for which grants have been given.


Boundary Map