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Public Space Management BrANC3E03h

1100 4th Street SW / 2nd Floor

Washington, DC 20024

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December 22, 2012



DDOT Tracking Number 75879


Dear ANC3E03:

This is to notify you of an application to occupy public space for the purpose of Paving: Curb & Gutter(s), Paving: Driveway(s) New -Residential at the premises at 4201 RIVER ROAD NW, WASHINGTON, DC 20016.

Enclosed are plans showing the proposed work.  Please review the application and plan and return this letter to the Public Space Management BrANC3E03h (PSMB) advising it whether or not ANC3E033 has any objections to the application.    The response must be received at the PSMB no later than thirty (30) days from the postmarked date of this letter, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays.  If a response is not received within that period it is assumed that ANC3E033 has no objections to the application.  If ANC3E033 has objections, they must be provided to the PSMB in writing and with supporting details.  Please provide ANC3E033’s response in the space below and return this letter with any correspondence pertaining to this application to:


District Department of Transportation

Public Space Management BrANC3E03h

1100 4th Street S.W. / 2nd Floor,

Washington DC 20024


Please Note: For 3’s response to carry “Great Weight,” this request must be voted on by the commission as a whole at a properly noticed meeting that is open to the public.

Please call (202) 442-4670 with questions. (FAX: 202-535-2221)



Date of ANC3E03 Vote: _________________ (please attach any resolution, if available)


_____ ANC3E033 has no objection to this application.

_____ ANC3E033 has the following objections to this application:

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Please attach additional pages if necessary)


Name: Yasser Gamil                                                                                      Title:        Civil Engineering Tech

Signature: Y.G                                                                                                  Date: 10/22/12